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We are inspired by client requests  with results similar to the design above. Any client can email, text, call, or meet with us, describing the inspiration for their desired  design. It can even be from one from your favorite show or movie! From this we create your inner space; be-it an entire home or office, a home office, a living room, dining room , kitchen, bathroom , bedroom, suite or any other interior space. Our creativity and expertise is always at play, at work. We can " REPLI"KAY"TE" , with Kay, the  Owner and Head Designer at its center.  

To do this we add what we refer to as your personal je ne sais quoi., which are your more specific design preferences. This brings out the best in you, your personal values and interests into your inner space, or great outdoors. We do this by making subtle changes from the inspiration, while keeping the desired nuance of your space. Be it, with similar or eclectic furniture pieces, accessories, lighting, window and bed treatment, and other applicable design elements, such as structural changes, hardscaping, or landscaping. It wraps up with a happy ending of a  style, finish and color story that furnishes you better. 

Please NOTE: You can review this and anything on your computer larger by clicking on "view" above your browser, and "zoom in" from the drop down menu.

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Simply give us a call or text or email us a picture or link as to what you wish to hire us to REPLI"KAY"TE and our wildly budget-friendly savvy and creative designing will be at work, for you too.

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